Kendall Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

When you purchase a homeowners’ insurance policy, you agree to pay the premiums and the insurance company agrees to reimburse you in the event your property is damaged due to a covered event. If you have received a denial letter from the insurance company for your legitimate homeowners’ claim, contact the Kendall Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano Our homeowners’ insurance lawyers will assist you in appealing your denial and seeking to recover the insurance payment that is due to you.

Making Insurance Companies Honor Their Obligations

Insurance companies are private, for-profit businesses that will go to great lengths to protect their interests and bottom lines. At times, the insurance company will go too far, and this often comes at the expenses of their customers – the homeowners.

At Greenberg Stone and Urbano, our Kendall Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Law Firm knows how to protect your interests in any insurance coverage dispute. If you have receive a rejection letter from the insurance company or your claim has been unfairly diminished, our attorneys will stand by your side. We will help you to pursue the homeowners’ insurance coverage that the insurance policy provides and that you are entitled to.

What You Should Do If Your Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Is Denied

In the event that your insurance claim was denied, consider the following tips:

  • Review the policy: The first step you should take in the event your homeowners’ insurance claim has been denied is to thoroughly review the policy itself. You likely did not go through your homeowners’ insurance policy in detail when you purchased it and may not have reviewed it before filing the claim. Give the policy a review so that you will be able to adequately address the reason for the denial.
  • Review the denial: The next step will be to read and understand the formal letter from your adjuster that details why your claim was denied as well as the section of the policy that supports the denial. If you did not receive this letter, follow up with the adjuster. If the denial is ambiguous, ask the adjuster for clarification.
  • Consult with a homeowners’ claim denial lawyer: You should then consult with a homeowners’ insurance claim denial lawyer. Bring a copy of your policy and the denial letter so that your attorney can adequately review the issue and determine whether you have a viable appeal. Your experienced homeowners’ claim denial attorney will be able to file an appeal and fight for the compensation you deserve.
  • Greenberg Stone and Urbano: Assisting Kendall Homeowners with their Denied Homeowners’ Insurance Claim

    If you have received a letter denying your homeowners’ insurance claim, contact the Kendall Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers at Greenberg Stone and Urbano We have over 130 collective years of experience assisting homeowners with their homeowners’ insurance claims across South Florida. We offer the dedication and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality of legal representation. Our focus on our clients and proven results have helped us to achieve a coveted AV rating from Martindale Hubbell and the Miami Herald’s recognition us as a top firm in South Florida. Allow our exceptional attorneys to provide you with superior legal services in the South Florida area. Call us today at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or you can visit our website to schedule your initial consultation.

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