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Miami Homeowners’ Insurance Attorneys Discuss Liability for Dog Bites

Under Florida law, a dog owner is liable for damages their dog inflicts on another under certain circumstances.  Florida law defines a dog owner as any person that harbors, keeps, or has control or custody of the animal.  This is a fairly broad definition that can lead to challenging legal scenarios.  Dog bites are an important issue for homeowners because most dog bite victims will seek compensation through the homeowners’ insurance company.  At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we understand that homeowners’ insurance claims can be complex.  Our animal liability attorneys discuss below some of the issues that could arise for landlords or individuals who allow others with dogs to stay on their property.

Defining Owner for Homeowners’ Insurance Purposes

To determine liability for a dog bite, it is vital to uncover who owns the dog.  Most of the time, the owner of the dog will be the owner of the home where the dog resides, but there are numerous circumstances when this is not the case.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently addressed the issue of at what point, when one person’s dog is housed on the property of another, does the property owner become the “owner” for liability purposes.  The case is as follows: Continue reading →

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Dog attacks can be tragic both for the dog owner as well as the victim, as some dogs are put down after injuring or killing a person or another dog.  A Fresno woman recently suffered significant injuries after two pit bulls attacked her, resulting in the amputation of her left arm, among other serious injuries that have left her in critical condition.  The dogs were able to escape from a fenced yard prior to attacking the woman, and the homeowner is likely to be found liable for the injuries the woman suffered.  A big question that the injured woman (once she recovers) and homeowner may have is whether or not the homeowner’s insurance coverage includes animal liability.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our South Florida Insurance Claims Attorneys devote a portion of their practice to helping homeowners resolve insurance matters that can make it difficult to move forward when you are at a loss of what to do.  Our attorneys take the time to fully understand a client’s situation to ensure they are providing the best legal representation possible.  Whether you were attacked by a dog or your dog has attacked someone else, it is important that you understand whether or not the homeowner’s insurance policy at issue has additional animal liability coverage. Continue reading →

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