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Insurance is intended to provide homeowners with peace of mind. In exchange for paying a monthly or yearly premium, homeowners can sleep soundly knowing that if their home is damaged by fire, hurricane, tornado, or another catastrophe, their insurance policy will cover the damages. Or at least that is how it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately, homeowners will often find that their insurance company will look for any reason to avoid paying their valid insurance claim.

The Broward County Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano have watched homeowners with valid claims receive letters of denial or low settlement offers time and time again. We understand the steps necessary to reverse those denials and obtain coverage for your valid homeowners’ insurance claim.

Common Reasons for the Denial of Your Homeowners’ Insurance Claim

There are a few common reasons insurance companies deny homeowners claims, including:

  • Lack of coverage: Many people assume that their homeowners’ insurance policy will cover any damage to their home. However, that is not always the case. Insurance policies are written so as to cover damage from specific occurrences and exclude coverage for certain losses. For example, if your home is damaged by a flood, but you do not have a separate flood insurance policy, your claim may be denied. Read your policy carefully so that you know what is covered and consult with an attorney if the insurance company has denied your claim for lack of coverage.
  • Failure to fulfill a condition of your coverage: Some insurance policies have conditions that you will need to comply with in order for the insurance company to honor its agreement. For instance, if you have not paid your premiums, your claim may be denied. You may also need to mitigate damages to your home as much as possible. If you are denied for failure to fulfill a condition of coverage, consult with the Broward County Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano as soon as possible to contest your denial.
  • Falsified insurance application: Your insurance application may be reviewed in great detail and investigated fully once you file a claim. The insurance company will compare the information provided in your application with the information in your claim. If anything appears to be omitted or exaggerated on your initial application, it could be grounds for denial of your claim.
  • The Broward County Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Denial Law Firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano assists homeowners with disputing and appealing the denial of their claim. Our team of insurance attorneys has helped homeowners across Florida to fight claim denials and receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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