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Household Guest Injuries May Be Compensable Under Homeowners’ Insurance

Household injuries occur more often than many realize.  In fact, millions of Americans are injured on residential property each year.  Those injured in their residence or at the home of another may be able to seek compensation through homeowners’ insurance for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.  At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our South Florida homeowners’ insurance attorneys understand that household injuries can result in considerable damages that may negatively impact your future.  We assist injured individuals in seeking the compensation they are entitled to through a homeowners’ insurance claim.

Types of Household Injuries

While most of us do not consider the possibility of being injured when visiting a friend or relative’s house, visitors are at risk of injury due to a number of common household hazards.  Guests in a home may be involved in slip and fall accidents, electrical burns, drownings, and dog attacks.  Any of these accidents may be compensated for through homeowners’ compensation insurance.

Young children are perhaps the most at risk of all visitors.  Many young children drown in backyard pools each year.  Children can also drown in bathtubs and small lakes on the property.  Electrical injuries could happen to anyone, and are most often the result of faulty wires or other hazardous conditions.  Drug overdoses are additionally a common occurrence giving rise to personal injury claims.  Prescription medications which are kept within reach of children or teens may cause death or serious injuries. 

Liability for Injuries Suffered by Household Guests

In Florida, as in most states, guests that suffer an injury on the property of another can seek financial compensation through the homeowner’s insurance policy so long as they were legally on the property as a licensee or invitee.  A licensee refers to individuals with legal rights to be in the home when the injury occurred.  This includes any friends and social guests.  Invitees, on the other hand, are those who come to the property to conduct business, such as cleaning the pool or mowing the lawn.

All homeowners have a duty to exercise ordinary care to their guests, which includes protecting guests from recognized dangers.  A breach of this duty may leave the injured victim with the right to seek compensation.  However, homeowners’ insurance claims for household guests injured on the property are complex.  It is imperative that injured guests provide notice of their injuries and proof of their damages in order to build a strong homeowners’ insurance claim.

Anyone injured on the property of another should contact our homeowners’ insurance attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano as soon as possible.  Our firm will take swift action to investigate the incident and follow proper legal protocol.  With our assistance, you can put yourself in the best possible position to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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