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Drones and Homeowners’ Insurance

Homeowners’ Insurance Lawyers Analyze Drone Coverage Under Homeowners’ Insurance

Recreational drones have risen drastically in popularity the past few years, but questions continue to swirl concerning safety and privacy when it comes to Unmanned Aerial Systems or UAS.  Drones can provide much entertainment and even perform important functions.  They can also inflict damage or violate privacy.  Imagine the scenario in which a drone owner with standard homeowners’ insurance flies his drone and crashes it into his neighbor’s car.  If the neighbor pursues a claim against the drone owner for property damage, is the damage covered under his homeowners’ insurance policy?  More insurance companies are specifically enacting policies to govern this precise issue, as our homeowners’ insurance attorneys discuss below.

Recreational Drone Use Increase 50 Percent

Drone usage has almost exploded overnight.  The Consumer Electronics Association reports that drone sales will increase 50 percent in the next year.  The growth of the industry is due in part to the mass marketing of affordable UAS, along with rapid technological advances that enable companies to make efficient, lightweight, and easy to use drones. 

Drones Can Inflict Property Damage and Personal Injuries

As drones become more popular, their potential for causing damage to both property and individuals has also increased.  Drones can crash into homes, cars, and even people.  Further, drones may take videos or pictures of people or property in violation of privacy interests.

Homeowners’ Insurance and Your Drone

Drones present some unique problems when they inflict damage.  Injured parties will likely seek to file a claim against your homeowners’ insurance, but whether the damage caused by the drone is covered will depend on several factors.  A standard homeowners’ insurance policy will provide coverage from damages that the insured is legally obligated to pay due to an occurrence to which the policy applies.  Drones will generally fall under this broad category of covered damages, unless they are specifically excluded.

Some providers have taken steps to specifically exclude drone-related liability from new policies.  This makes it important that drone owners review their homeowners’ insurance policies as soon as possible to determine if any damages inflicted by your drone may be covered.  If your drone is used in conjunction with your business, your homeowners’ insurance policy will likely not apply because most policies exclude business activity.

Anyone with questions about drones and homeowners’ insurance coverage should contact our Miami homeowners’ insurance attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano.  Our firm stays abreast of the most recent advancements in the law and will assist you in investigating your full legal rights when it comes to your drone or an injury you have suffered at the hands of another’s drone.

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