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South Florida Attorney Explains Why Homeowners May be Facing Increased Insurance Rates

Insurance is a necessary component of owning property, and while we all need insurance to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our property, insurance has its drawbacks that can be frustrating for homeowners.  For example, many homeowners will be unhappy to hear that insurance rates may be on the rise in the near future.  Our lawyers find this is especially true for South Florida residents whose homes are more susceptible to property damage than other parts of the state, as the weather conditions can be more severe and unpredictable.

The insurance claims attorneys of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have extensive resources and experience handling homeowners insurance matters, helping clients on a daily basis.  Our attorneys are able to thoroughly assess each client’s situation, to determine what steps should be taken to resolve an insurance matter.  Increasing insurance rates may be unavoidable, but issues involving a wrongful denial of a claim, or inadequate payment on a claim are certainly things that can be dealt with alongside one of our attorneys.

Why are Insurance Rates on the Rise Florida?

Florida lawmakers are not very popular right now, and many blame them for the inevitable increase in insurance rates for some Florida homeowners, many of which live in the Miami area.  Many believe insurance rates are on the rise because Florida lawmakers failed to enact reforms that would tighten some regulations on the homeowners insurance claims process.  The purpose of the reforms is to prevent contractors and others from filing fraudulent claims.  Contractors have responded that insurance companies consistently deny claims that are in fact legitimate.  Because no new laws have been enacted to address this issue of false insurance claims, insurance companies have hiked their rates up – making homeowners foot the bill.

Regardless of whether or not lawmakers or contracts or anyone else is to blame, it is unfortunate that homeowners suffer the consequences of matters beyond their control.  Given that Florida homeowners may be paying more each month for insurance, it would be especially disheartening if an insurance company denied a claim that should be covered by the homeowner’s policy.  Homeowners that are paying a pretty penny for insurance are rightfully upset when their insurance company denies a claim that leaves their property in shambles.  After all, the purpose of insurance is to protect a homeowner’s property.  Many homeowners feel insurance companies do whatever they can to justify denial of a claim.  This is why many of these homeowners have decided to discuss the situation with an attorney to see if there are grounds to fight the insurance company’s decisions.

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Insurance rates tend to ebb and flow from time to time, and that’s something that is generally out of a homeowner’s control.  However, when it comes to other aspects of homeowners insurance, you as a homeowner do have options.  If you believe your insurance company wrongfully denied your claim or provided inadequate coverage, you should consider speaking with a South Florida Insurance Claims Attorney as soon as possible.  At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we have more than 130 years of combined professional experience providing clients with superior legal representation, helping homeowners receive the coverage they deserve under their homeowners insurance policy.  Our law firm has received an AV rating from Martindale Hubbell and has also been named a top South Florida law firm by the Miami Herald.  If you would like to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys, contact Greenberg, Stone & Urbano today by calling (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 to schedule your free consultation.  You may also contact us online by visiting our website.




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