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Things Your Homeowners’ Insurance May Not Cover

Homeowners purchase their homeowners’ insurance policy expecting that in the event of damage to their home, they will be covered for their losses.  Many homeowners are shocked and dismayed to later have their claim denied because the loss was not covered under their policy.  It is critical that homeowners understand their policy so that they will not experience the heartache and struggle of a denied claim.

The homeowners’ insurance attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano want our clients to be fully protected in the event of damage to their home.  We know from our decades of experience in the industry that insurers will often deny claims, stating the damage is not covered, when in fact the claim was legitimate.  The following is a look at some items not generally covered under your standard homeowners’ insurance policy.  Consult your individual policy for an accurate assessment of your coverage.

  • Mold: Mold will often result from flooding or water seepage.  Mold can be a health hazard, especially for kids or those with asthma.  At times, your insurance company will deny your mold-based claim.  It may refuse to pay for any damage not directly related to the water leakage, which to the insurer often means mold.
  • Sewer backups: Standard homeowners’ policies do not cover sewer backups, which can be quite costly.  If this is a concern for you, consult your policy.
  • Termites: Termites are a serious problem in South Florida.  Homeowners’ insurance will not generally cover termite damage, which can amount to thousands of dollars for treatment alone and much more to replace damaged wood.
  • Earthquakes: Earthquakes are not traditionally an issue in Florida, but they have struck some unlikely states in recent years.  Most insurance policies do not cover earthquakes and this coverage must be purchased separately.
  • Hurricanes: This is a considerable concern for Floridians.  Though several years have passed since the last hurricane, Florida remains at risk in the event of a hurricane.  Homeowners’ insurance policies specifically exclude hurricane damage and you must obtain a separate policy.
  • Flood: Similarly, floods are excluded under your homeowners’ insurance policy.  Flood insurance is available separately and will cover all home and property damage stemming from sudden coastal or ground water.
  • Relocation expenses: If a disaster or fire forces you to leave your home, you may discover that not all homeowners’ insurance companies provide relocation costs.  It can be expensive to relocate so inquire as to your coverage before you need it.
  • Trampolines: Families with young children across South Florida purchase trampolines.  While these devices can be fun for the whole family, the number of injuries stemming from them has lead many homeowners’ insurance companies to exclude coverage for trampoline related injuries.  Keep this in mind before guests utilize your trampoline.

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