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Selecting the Best Attorney for Your Homeowners’ Insurance Matters

If your claim has been denied or if you are involved in any sort of homeowners’ insurance related dispute, it is imperative that you select the right attorney to represent your interests.  Your attorney could make the difference between obtaining the compensation you deserve and struggling to cover the costs of the repairs needed to your home.

Selecting a homeowners’ insurance attorney is not an easy task and it can prove stressful.  Miami homeowners’ insurance lawyers are not as easy to find as some other types of attorneys.  You will need to thoroughly research in your area for a list of attorneys that represent individuals involved in homeowners’ insurance disputes.

Once you have narrowed down your options, you should schedule some consultations with your top options.  Consultations can be in person or at times over the phone.  During your consultations, you can ask your potential attorney some critical questions that should help you to determine whether they are the right fit for you:

  1. Experience: Experience should be the first factor you weigh in exploring your attorney options.  Homeowners’ insurance law is complex and not a common field of law.  Your attorney should have considerable experience handling homeowners’ insurance cases.  Ask your potential attorney how long he or she has practiced in the field and how many cases he or she has handled in this time.
  2. Resources: You will need a law firm with sufficient resources to bring your homeowners’ insurance claim to the fullest extent. Consider the size of your potential firm and what the firm has to offer in the way of investigators and more.  Some solo practitioners or small firms may not have the resources necessary to bring your claim.
  3. Communication: Be sure to assess whether your potential attorney will communicate with you adequately and be open to your input or questions.  Ask your attorney how soon they generally return phone calls and when they will be available. You should feel confident your attorney values client communication and will be sure you are up to date on the status of your case.
  4. Finances: Ask your attorney what fee arrangement he or she is willing to use in representing you.  Most homeowners’ insurance attorneys will allow for a contingency fee arrangement, wherein they will receive a portion of your recovery. Ask your potential attorney what fees he or she may charge and what expenses you may be liable for outside of the contingency fee arrangement.
  5. Fit: Above all else, you need to be sure your attorney is the proper fit for you and your case.  After you have confirmed that your potential attorney is experienced, well qualified, has the resources necessary, and offers a favorable fee arrangement, then select an attorney who has a passion for your case and will represent your interests to the fullest extent.

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