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My House Has Flooded, What Should I Do?

The heavy rainfall in the past few weeks has caused flooding in some areas of South Florida.  Many homeowners are still mopping up and rainy season in the state is still not over.  Our Miami flood damage claim lawyers provide the following look at what you should do in the event your home has flooded.

There is water everywhere, what should I do?

If the flood damage is minimal, clean up any standing water as soon as possible to protect your floor boards and your personal possessions.  If your home is actually underwater, then you should start by calling your insurance company as soon as possible.  Most insurance companies offer 24 hour emergency help lines.  The insurance company will often recommend that you wait until waters start to recede before you began your cleanup. 

What if I cannot find by insurance policy document?

Do not panic.  Your insurance company should be able to find your policy information in its database.  Remember that your building structure and your personal property may be covered under two different companies, so you may need to put in two separate calls.

What if I do not have flood insurance?

If you have only homeowners’ insurance and not a separate flood insurance policy, you may not have coverage for storm related flood damage.  Contact your homeowners’ insurance company for more information.  At times, the flood damage may be related to another source, such as water equipment failure and the like.  If you believe your flood damage should be covered and the insurance company is denying your claim, consult with a homeowners’ insurance attorney as soon as possible.

What should I do after I notify the insurance company?

It is recommended that you speak with the insurance company before making any emergency repairs.  You should keep receipts for any work done repairing the property in order to make your claim later one.  When possible and safe to do so, take photographs of the damage and the standing water as this will help to record your claim.

With flood damage, one of the most important steps is making sure all electric sources are off before you enter the home.  Electricity and water can result in serious injuries.  Further, do not throw damaged items away.  Instead, leave them in place and photograph them.  The insurance adjuster will be sent round by the insurance company to assess what damage has been down and how much the insurance company will pay out.

What should I do if my claim has been denied or minimized?

If the insurance company has denied your flood insurance claim or only partially granted the monetary assistance you are entitled to, consult with a homeowners’ insurance attorney as soon as possible.  Your homeowner’s insurance attorney can assist you in appealing a denial and obtaining compensation for your flood related losses.

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