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You Faithfully Paid Your Premiums, Now Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Has Been Denied or Delayed:  What Should You Do?

You have timely paid your premiums for months or even years when suddenly your home is damaged, perhaps by a fire, storm, flood, burglary, or other man made or natural disaster.  Believing your home’s damage will be covered, you file your homeowners’ insurance claim.  However, you receive no response on your claim or it is outright denied.  Having your claim delayed or denied is devastating for homeowners anxiously awaiting coverage for the repairs needed on their home.  If your claim has been delayed or denied, rest assured that not all hope is lost and you may still be able to obtain the homeowners’ insurance coverage you deserve.  Our Miami homeowners’ insurance lawyers offer the following look at what you should do in the event your homeowners’ insurance claim is delayed or denied.

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

            If you have filed a claim but not received a ruling, you can start by calling your insurance carrier and attempting to determine why the delay exists.  At times, a simple mistake in filing missing paperwork may be the only issue.  More often, the insurance company is taking its time before issuing a denial of your claim.  However, it does not hurt to check in, make the insurance company aware that you are upset by the delay, and attempt to move the claim along.

Review Your Policy

            The next step you can take is reviewing your insurance policy.  It is important that you fully understand your coverage so that you will know how to respond in the event of a denial.  Know what is covered under your policy and what may not be.  Typical reasons for denial of your claim include insufficient documentation, cause of damage not covered, or failure to take sufficient preventative measures.  Keep these reasons in mind as you look over your policy, which you can request from your agent if you no longer have the original.

Review Your Denial

            If your claim has been denied, you will receive a letter from the insurance company detailing the reason for your denial.  The denial should reference the portion of your policy that supports the decision.  If you have still not received a denial or ruling on your claim, put in another call to the insurance company or retain the assistance of an attorney to help move your claim along.

Examine your denial letter and compare it to your policy.  Does the denial conflict with any terms in the policy?  Do you dispute the insurance company’s findings?  Is the denial one that can be cured with providing additional evidence or curing a filing error?  If you feel the denial is unclear, ask your adjuster to explain it more thoroughly.

Contact a Homeowners’ Insurance Attorney

            At any point when you feel your claim is not being handled correctly, contact a homeowners’ insurance attorney.  Your attorney can assist you in filing an appeal from your denial and obtaining coverage for the damage to your home.  Your attorney will have a full understanding of the complex insurance law surrounding the issue and can best assist you with your claim.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano:  Get Help Following the Denial of Your Homeowners’ Insurance Claim

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