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Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hurricane and Windstorm Claims

Hurricane insurance is an additional policy that Florida residents must purchase if they want their home or business to be covered in the event of a hurricane or windstorm related disaster.  Many people are confused as to the concept of hurricane insurance and its precise coverage, leaving them with questions as to how to file claims and ensure their home is repaired following damage in a windstorm.  With this in mind, the following is a look at some frequently asked questions concerning hurricane and windstorm damage claims.

What should I do if my home or business has been damaged by a hurricane or windstorm?

            The first step you must take if your home has been damaged by a hurricane or windstorm is to notify your insurer right away.  If you do not receive a prompt response, contact a licensed insurance attorney to assist with your claim.

Will I receive living expenses while my hurricane claim is being investigated or during rebuilding?

            Additional living expenses while your home is being rebuilt or repaired are generally included within your hurricane insurance policy.  This can include shelter, food, and clothing necessary for a certain period of time, as set out in your specific policy.  Check your policy to determine whether the same costs are covered during the investigatory period as this can vary among insurers.

My home sustained water damage, even though flood waters did not enter the home.  Is this covered?

            This will depend upon your exact coverage.  Some hurricane insurance would offer coverage in this instance if the water damage could be linked to the storm itself.  Other insurers would not include this under hurricane insurance, but rather under flood insurance, which is typically purchased separately.  If your claim for water damage has been denied and you feel this is in error, contact a homeowner’s insurance attorney today for an in-depth analysis of your policy and some potential avenues for challenging the insurance company’s denial.

How long does the insurance company have to repair my hurricane or windstorm damaged home?

            Florida case law merely requires that the insurer complete necessary repairs within a reasonable period of time.  The problem that arises with hurricane or windstorm damage is that many other homeowners will be in the same position and in need of repairs.  This can slow down repairs and force many homeowners to wait lengthy periods of time in temporary housing while their house is being restored.  If you feel your insurance company is taking too long to repair your home, a homeowner’s insurance attorney will assist you in speeding up the process so that you can return home sooner.

What information do I need to provide to the insurance company?

            When you file a hurricane or windstorm claim, the insurer will ask for a lot of documentation.  This may include detailed information as to the home itself, recent renovations, maintenance, and the like.  Photographs are always useful to provide the insurer with an accurate depiction of the home before and after the storm.  Your attorney will help you to prepare all necessary documents to expedite the claim.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano:  Your Florida Hurricane Insurance Attorneys  

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