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New Florida Flood Insurance Program Could Include Earth Movement Coverage

As many victims of Hurricane Sandy throughout the Northeast are discovering, flood insurance policies issued under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) do not cover floods caused by “liquefaction of soil,” also known as earth movement. This is a fact that long has been known to Florida homeowners, but advocates of the new private insurance program being created in the Florida legislature are hoping that the new bill will address this serious gap in insurance coverage.

When a homeowner has been denied for a claim that he believes should be covered under his policy, the skilled South Florida homeowners’ insurance attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano are prepared to fight to get him the coverage that he deserves. Across South Florida, there are many homeowners who are fighting to get coverage for flood damage. We will evaluate your case and discuss your options for free and without obligation.

The federal policies that exist under the NFIP have exceptions for flood events that involve the movement of soil. The bill sponsored by Republican State Senator Jeff Brandes originally did not have a provision to cover this gap, but the bill is being sent back to the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee and advocates are urging that this oversight be remedied.

Soil liquefaction is the result of a stress or pressure placed on soil that is partially or completely saturated, which causes it to behave as a liquid. The soil loses its strength and the resulting loss of structure can cause it to do the same type of damage to a residence as a regular water-based flood. Often, this condition occurs in loose, saturated, sandy soils. An earthquake may cause liquefaction and damage to a residence. The sinkholes that open up across Florida might be caused by liquefaction, depending on the location of the damage.

The Florida private insurance option is intended to halt the devastating consequences that the Biggert-Waters Act will have on rising insurance premiums at a time when Florida residents already have been hit with rate hikes that are causing them to re-think living in Florida. The Brandes Bill is intended to speed up the process of getting flood coverage alternatives to the people who desperately need it. The Office of Insurance Regulation already has taken action to create the framework under which insurers could offer flood policies on the market. It simply is a matter of getting the bill through the legislature with as many options as possible in order to help Florida residents protect their properties.

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Florida residents have suffered from many challenges throughout the past decade. Hurricanes and other weather events have led to terrible damage to the houses that residents spent lifetimes turning into homes. When family memories are loss, it is an additional blow when the insurance company refuses to pay a claim under a policy that the homeowners made certain to keep current.

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