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Ten Things That May not be Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

A person who owns his or her home may worry about what happens in the event of an accident, but at least takes comfort in the fact that homeowners insurance will cover the loss. However, there are many claims that are denied based on exclusions in a policy that many people do not comprehend until it is too late.

If you have a homeowners’ insurance policy and the insurance company is denying your claim, we understand the frustration that you likely feel. The experienced Miami Homeowners Insurance claim attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano have more than one hundred years of combined experience and understand the tactics of insurance companies. We will fight to get the coverage that you purchased and to which you are entitled.

Although there are many different claims that may not be covered, here are ten of the most common coverage denials:

1. Trampolines – Most Florida insurance companies do not cover accidents relating to trampoline use. Some insurance companies might even refuse coverage completely based on trampoline ownership. Failing to report a trampoline may result in cancellation of a policy.

2. Pool area screens – Many insurance companies will not insure screen enclosures based on the probability of high winds ripping it from its anchors and turning it into a dangerous projectile. Other insurance companies will evaluate the construction and attachment of the screen enclosure before making a coverage decision. Based on the fact that the screened in pool adds significant value to the home, this is a serious problem for many homeowners.

3. Diving boards and pool slides – Like trampolines, this may lead to an exclusion in the policy or a complete denial of coverage.

4. Un-fenced pools – This is a violation of Florida law and will lead to a denial of coverage.

5. Money – When money in the home goes missing, it usually is not covered by the insurance policy. This includes funds stored in a home safe.
6. Certain dogs – Breeds that are deemed high-risk or dogs that have previously exhibited dangerous behavior by biting someone may be excluded from bite or accident coverage.
7. Specific types of water damage – This coverage denial takes many people by surprise. Although a burst pipe may cause damage that is covered, the unknown drip in the wall that persists for more than two weeks and leads to significant damage may not be covered. There are other types of damage for which a separate policy must be purchased includes flood damage, which is generally known, but also may include backed-up drains or sewers.

8. Mold – Although a homeowner may purchase an additional policy to cover mold damage, the damage usually must be the result of a unique event and not a long-term problem.

9. Construction damage – A claim likely will be denied if it is based on defective materials or poor workmanship, even in the event of a fire caused by the negligent wiring of a home. However, if the individuals or company that performed the work were properly licensed, the contractor’s liability insurance should cover the damage.

10. High value items like jewelry or fine art – Most insurance companies require a specific rider to cover itemized and appraised items, offering limited coverage if they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

Miami Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Provide Help for Florida’s Insured

When a person insures his home and property, he believes that he is covered for most types of damage. However, when the insurance company refuses to pay a large claim, the impact can be devastating. The skilled and compassionate South Florida attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano understand the ways in which insurance companies will try to avoid payment on valid claims and will get our attorneys the money to which that are entitled. Our attorneys have more 100 years of collective legal experience in fighting successfully for our clients. Martindale Hubbell has rated us as an “AV” firm, the highest rating, and Primerus has given us a high rating, while the Miami Herald has voted us one of the top-rated South Florida firms. To schedule a time to discuss what happened to you with one of our dedicated attorneys, please call (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website.

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