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Hurricane Warning For South Florida

Tropical storm Isaac weakened a bit as it left Haiti, but it is expected to regain strength as it emerges over the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea on its way to Cuba. Once over Cuba it will loose some force again, but only to build up to a Category 1 (sustained winds of at least 74 mph) Hurricane once it crosses over Cuba and re-enters the waters. According to Reuters, a hurricane warning has been already issued for the Florida Keys and southwest coast of Florida. The storm tracking maps show the outer bands of the storm reaching into Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Battered Haiti

Haiti saw heavy downpours as Isaac crossed over la Hispaniola, the island shared by the Dominican Republic and the former French colony. At least three people have so far been confirmed dead in Haiti as a direct result of tropical storm Isaac. The small country, the poorest in the Americas, was the biggest concern due to its heavy deforestation and the potential for deadly floods and landslides.

Republican Convention May Be Affected

The best computer models from the National Hurricane Center show Isaac moving through the Florida Keys and into the Gulf of Mexico along the western coast of Florida. If the storm holds this projected course, it could very well affect the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa from next Monday thru Thursday. Although not directly in the path of the storm, Tampa lies where the projected southeastern outer bands of wind will be in a position to push up water surge into Tampa Bay, where the Convention Center is. The Center is located in a Zone B evacuation zone, meaning that just 2 to 4 feet of water surge would force organizers to evacuate the building, disrupting the convention.

Citizen’s Ability To Handle Storm Damages Questioned

While Isaac is not even remotely expected to cause the kind damage caused by Hurricane Andrew, many in Florida doubt that the State’s largest homeowner’s insurer, Citizens Property Insurance Corp. could handle damages like those seen in Miami-Dade County 20 years ago yesterday.

The tells us the story of a Miami resident that received a $10,000.00 check from his insurer at the time, State Farm, within the a few hours after Andrew’s unwelcome visit. Now – the same resident fears – he will have to spend about $7,000.00 out of pocket before his insurance coverage kicked in.

In a concerted effort to “trim off” excess policies from its portfolio, Citizens has been steadily raising deductibles and premiums at an alarming rate, despite the $13.6 billion in investments and the $8.4 billion in backup insurance the company has thank you to the hurricane free streak enjoyed in the State since Wilma passed by in 2005.

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